Alex and Ani is a Rhode Island-based brand sharing ancient wisdom through modern design. Their belief is that the universe communicates with us through signs and symbols this is why each bangle is made with the intention to empower you with its charms. Explore our curated selection of Alex and Ani charm bangles.

4 Best Alex and Ani Charm Bangles To Wear This Spring

1. She’s A Wildflower Charm Bangle

This bangle in shiny rose gold is perfect for welcoming the spring. There’s a lot to learn from a wildflower! You can use this bangle as a special reminder to keep living freely as a wildflower does. The little charms on this bangle will sway and sparkle as you move to the groove and the beat of your heart. Gift it to a friend whose beauty resembles that of a blossomed wildflower and if that resonates with you then gift it to yourself!

2. Happiness Blooms From Within Color Infusion Charm Bangle

The charm on this bangle reads “Happiness Blooms from within” a great reminder that happiness does not depend on external factors but rather comes from the inside. Let this bangle prompt you to connect with yourself on those gloomy days so that you can quickly turn that frown upside down!

3. Sweet as Honey Color Infusion Charm Bangle

As the flowers bloom with more vigor in the spring, the honey bees seem to be buzzing around happily visiting flowers and spreading pollen with their little furry legs. This Alex and Ani bangles in shiny gold are for women who are sweet as honey – it is minimalistic with only one charm yet still manages to make a tender statement.

4. Best Friends Duo Charm in Shiny Gold

Gift this bangle to your best friend so that she knows its forever and get one for yourself to match! Friends are worth more than gold, they always manage to put a smile on our face and we can depend on them to hear us out and express our feelings. Friendships and sisterhoods -that’s why life is so good!

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