When going to the beach, we want to look great. Whether or not we’re swimming in the water, watching for dolphins on the horizon, or lying under an umbrella sipping a frozen drink. This summer, you can look fabulous and balance elegance with effortlessness with Penelope’s recommendations for how to wear our favorite brand’s rings, bracelets, and necklaces with care to reflect your beauty in the sun.

How To Safely Wear Jewelry At The Beach

Don’t forget to practice some common sense: remove any jewelry before swimming, such as wedding rings. Hands shrink in cold water. You don't want the current to carry away your engagement ring to the other side of the world!

Simple chemistry also plays a part in our jewelry care. Suntan lotion and sunscreen can corrode threads and strings. Keep your plated jewelry out of the sand to avoid abrasions. Store jewelry in a cool and ventilated area and skip plastic bags.

Harder gemstones are less likely to be damaged by the sun, as are pure gold and platinum. Don’t wear gold in swimming pools, because the chlorine will cause degradation. Coral and turquoise are softer stones, so we would recommend not wearing those with the amount of salt present on the beach.

If you like to deep dive or mingle with the sea life, remove all your shiny jewelry. Barracudas are attracted to shiny silver colors, and they have sharp teeth. While they will leave you alone in clear waters, murky oceans are another story. People also report that if they wear jewelry while snorkeling, they tend to lose their precious items.

Top Brands for Beach Jewelry

Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott designs jewelry that is meant for a lightweight look, that can work for casual or formal occasions. They focus on creating designs that make the wearer stand out with the tiniest detail sand touches.

The Addie Gold Drop Earrings In Gold Filigree. is one such item that would work really well for the beach. Each pair is one-of-a-kind with varying gold tones, and the small etchings reflect the thorough designs. The earrings will catch the light as you sunbathe, and go with any outfit.

John Medeiros

John Mederios designs jewelry that has a delicate look but durable structure. The bracelets and necklaces use Swarovski Crystals and zirconium. The rhodium coating will prevent tarnish from the sun and ocean spray. Choose sea-themed pieces that use simple looks to elevate unique designs, and use our lifetime warranty in case of emergency.

One ocean piece we recommend is Ocean Images Small Pearl Wire Cuff Bracelet. The pearls will blend in well with the seashells and waves, though obviously do not wear this while swimming.

Julie Vos

Julie Vos pieces combine 24-karat gold with brass, which makes them suitable for wearing in the sun. You don’t necessarily have to bring the golden bees on necklaces and earrings to the beach, but you can pile on the sweetness with elegance.

The Hammered Hoop Earrings reminds one of the conches and spiral shells lying in the sand. If you want to emulate the pirate look, the Valencia Hoop Drop Earrings emulate the doubloon style. Sail the seven seas, or keep it simple and just wear the hoops.

Keep It Beach Chic With Penelope

Penelope is happy to help you find out what will look good at the beach, for when you want to chill with style on your vacation or share photos back at home. Contact us today, so we can get you outfitted for vacation and tag us when you share the fun times!