Actresses and fashion icons such as Penelope Cruz, Selena Gomez, and Kate Middleton love wearing the cross necklace. We have seen this necklace be worn both on special occasions and for everyday streetwear; it is a very versatile look and timeless fashion trend!

We took the classic cross necklace and gave it a twist of our own. Penelope invites you to explore our sterling silver sideways cross jewelry below!

Sterling Silver Sideways Cross Necklace

Sideways Cross Necklace – Vermeil

This may look like a gold necklace, but in fact, it is a sterling silver necklace plated with a thin coat of vermeil gold! The classic upright cross necklace can sometimes poke you due to its pointy parts, but since this necklace has a sideways cross you will be clear of harm’s way!

If the necklace shifts throughout the day, it will still look great. The cross stays put and will look very elegant no matter if it’s positioned in the center of your neckline or off to the sides. See this necklace also in sterling silver.

Sideways Cross Necklace

The cross has always been a symbol of Jesus but as religion and fashion have evolved the cross has now taken a different shape, one that is representative of good taste and style. We admire the way Latinas wear them to show off their neckline, we recommend going for a scoop neckline to give this necklace the spotlight.

Sterling silver jewelry is our staple, and the cross is a classic, what do you get when these two come together? Pure magic!

Sideways Cross Cuffs & Bracelets

Sideways Cross Bracelet

This delicate and elegant cross bracelet will sit gracefully on your wrist. Watch the way the nordic cross will sparkle when it catches the light. This dainty bracelet can be worn every day to add finesse to any casual outfit. The glory will accompany you everywhere you go.

Sideways Cross Cuff

These cuff’s crosses vary slightly because the cross is embedded into the cuff in so that the cross is the cuff! It is minimalism and creativity in its purest form and we are so proud of this design. We think you will especially love how easily you can slip it on and off allowing you to switch around your style.

Penelope Sideways Cross Rings, Earrings and More!

The sideways cross options offered are not limited to this list! We also think you will enjoy pairing your jewelry with the Sterling Silver Sideways Cross Earring, Sterling Silver Cross Stud Earring, and Sterling Silver Cross Pendant.

These beautiful pieces will make a nice gesture to gift your friend, daughter, or niece on their baptism, wedding, birthday or even as a Christmas present.

Not sure which to pick? We have Gift Cards you can fill with the monetary value of your choice so your loved can have the opportunity to pick any of our statement jewelry. This way you can’t go wrong choosing the wrong gift!

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