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Proud Caus Authorized Retailer

Penelope loves collaborating with brands such as Caus that is ethical, sustainable and gives back! For each Caus product you purchase, we donate 25% of all profit to our charity partner WorldHelp which builds wells to provide clean drinking water to families and communities around the world.

By purchasing one of these cute travel mugs you will avoid contributing to plastic pollution which is hazardous to the environment and marine animals. Single-use coffee cups are not recyclable. Paper coffee cups are not recyclable because of the plastic liner and coffee contamination.

It’s estimated that 50 billion paper coffee cups are being thrown away in the USA every year. Small simple changes like filling your reusable Caus Tumbler with coffee instead of opting for those single-use cups can have big impacts. Explore our thermos travel mugs below!

Caus To Go Coffee Cups With Lids

The environmental impact of disposable coffee cups is enormous. Sustainable changes in behavior such as having a cup of coffee in your Caus Tumbler can go a long way. Plus, many coffee shops give free coffee if you bring your reusable coffee tumbler, while others provide a discount!

Coral Stainless Steel Coffee Tumbler

If you are looking for the best coffee tumbler, look no further. This double-walled vacuum insulated tumbler will keep your coffee hot for up to 12 hours! If you are more of an iced-coffee person than you are in luck because this Caus tumbler will keep it iced cold for 24 hours just like the yeti rambler! This tumbler holds up to 12oz worth of hot coffee or tea.

Navy Stainless Steel Coffee Tumbler

Bring your tumbler with you everywhere you go, this way you avoid single-use plastics, and disposable water bottles and lead a more sustainable lifestyle that won’t harm the environment. You can take it to concerts, farmer’s markets, cold-pressed juice shops, to the movies, coffee shops, to the beach, food trucks and more!

You can fill any beverage in it, such as wine, juices, tea, beer, or water. Easy to clean, we recommend hand washing to assure cleanliness.

Mint Stainless Steel Large Tumbler

Single serving? No way! This tumbler is for the bonafide coffee drinker! Holds up to 24oz of coffee with heat retention feature meaning your coffee or tea will remain hot for up to 12 hours. You can sip with ease in your car, train or bus for this lid is spill-resistant!

Good for the environment? Check!

Gives back to charity? Check!

Heat retention for up to 12 hours? Check!

Sweat-free finish? Check!

Caus Story & Mission

Penelope has been around since 1988 so it’s no surprise that every now and then we have to make a change to keep up with the times.

With plastic pollution and the contamination in our oceans, we have decided to do something about it which is why we teamed up with Caus who not only advocates for sustainability through their products but also supports charities such as WorldHelp (Clean Drinking Water & Helping Women Find Freedom), Samaritan (Crisis & Disaster relief), Red Rover (Animal Welfare) and Kay Yow (Breast Cancer Awareness).

If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us and our friendly customer service team will be assisting you shortly.