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Southern Gates

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Penelope’s Southern Gates Jewelry collection is inspired by the baroque design of the gates in the south. We believe there is beauty in the classic design our ancestors implemented into the infrastructure and architecture in the towns of the south. We wanted to honor this historic collaboration by doing a collaboration of our own by including their inspired model into our contemporary jewelry design in our jewelry store.

Southern Gates Bracelets

Dogwood Link Bracelet

This sterling silver bracelet was inspired by the iron gates in cities of the south. Iron represents a legacy that continues through the presence of ornament+al ironwork in towns across the country. This dogwood link bracelet is the epitome of fine jewelry, it is so shiny it seems as if it was polished by the heavens. The perfect accessory to wear at a wedding or date.

Scroll Cutout Bracelet

This scroll cutout bracelet is one of our all-time favorites from our southern gates collection. The filigree medallion reminds us of the strength and security the presence of iron gates provide. The designs forged in iron represent the Fibonacci sequence found in nature. The Fibonacci sequence is the golden ratio of beauty which is why this bracelet is so astonishing.

Double Chain Square Window Bracelet

This bracelet is so beautiful it is as if it inspired the southern gates and not the other way around. This double chain square window bracelet is delicate, elegant and unique, as sterling silver jewelry should be. You may have seen the design of this window bracelet around porches in cities and towns in the south.

Southern Gates Necklaces

Round Hearts Scroll Necklace

Gift this beautiful sterling silver necklace to your girlfriend on her birthday or as a Christmas present. Let this Round Hearts Scroll Necklace be the gate that guards your lover’s heart. This ornate scroll pattern is inspired by the classic patterns of welded iron gates. Let your love know you will protect her and take care of her heart with this necklace.

Tree of Life Necklace

This necklace is for those who are down to Earth and grounded like a tree. The nature lovers, tree huggers, and animal whisperers, they certainly know what life is about. Demonstrate your appreciation to our mother Earth and all the blessed gifts she brings us daily with this Tree of Life necklace.

The tree of life symbol represents eternity and infinity. No matter how old a tree may get, the seeds it spreads hold its very essence and is capable of bringing life forth. If that is not immortality I don’t know what is.

Filigree Circle Necklace

This filigree circle necklace embodies the circle of life. What borns must die and what dies will be reborn again. A flower dies in winter, for example, and is reborn in spring.

The circle can act as a reminder that everything in life is temporary and anything you might be going through in life is just a phase. Enjoy the good times and the bad, because they come in cycles, and neither will last forever.

Penelope Would Love to Hear From You

Designing and creating delicate designs once forged into iron gates has made Penelope unique in the jewelry industry. Our computer-aided designs and jewelry designers have made the Southern Gates Jewelry collection what it is today.

Let us know how much you like your Southern Gates Jewelry via our Instagram page! Take a photo with your bracelet or necklace and tag us @PenelopeStyle with the hashtag #SouthernGatesJewelry. If you have any questions or comments contact us here and our customer service team will help you out with anything!