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Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelets

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Penelope has been providing sterling silver jewelry to women of all ages all over Virginia since 1988. We believe sterling silver is the most precious of metals, which is why for the most part all of our bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and pendants are made from this refined material. We absolutely love the way it catches the light and the fact that it looks great with any skin tone!

We have curated a list of our favorite Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelets just for you. Discover it below and select your favorite cuff.

Unique Cuff Bracelets

Hammered Crossover Cuff

This cuff bracelet features a sterling silver X in its center, giving it an elegant yet edgy look. The negative space within mimics the shape of a heart, giving this cuff much more depth than what meets the eye. The open end allows you to easily slip it on and off at your leisure.

Three Branched Hammered Cuff

This cuff will look like you have three bracelets on due to the three silver branches that fan out. The negative space between the branches will give you an understated, minimalist look which will give you the space to pair it along with other jewelry.

Two Strand Hammered Cuff

As cuffing season approaches, why not get this beautiful sterling silver hammered cuff to show your significant other that you want to be theirs forever… or until winter is over. This two-strand cuff is unique because it has space between the two strands giving it a distinctive feel as if the piece has room to breathe.

Wide Cuff Bracelets

20mm Double Braid Cuff

Make a statement with this piece that looks like a vintage silver cuff bracelet due to the antique finish. The silver braids within the edges of this cuff give this bracelet an elaborate and intricate feel as if it were crafted by hand utilizing silver wheat spikes. You can wear this bracelet along with sterling silver bangles or a collection of cuff bracelets along your arm and it will look great because of its minimalistic design.

Sterling Silver Hammered Cuff

This polished sterling silver hammered cuff will catch the light and sparkle as you walk around, dance or wave your friends hello, adding an overall glimmer to your image. This wide cuff will go great with any outfit and you can wear it over your knits and sweaters during winter to give the dullness of winter a little glamour. With this bracelet, your hand will be well accompanied.

Get Stylish With Penelope

At Penelope, we love providing ideas on how and when to wear your pieces. We also enjoy curating our wide selection of sterling silver jewelry in order to inspire you and so that you can see the depth and symbolism of our beautiful accessories. Each of our cuffs, earrings, necklaces, and pendants are made with attention to details and care. Not sure which to pick? That’s okay! We have gift cards you can gift to your loved one so they choose.

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