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Dangle earrings are a not-so-secret favorite piece of jewelry for ladies. They are elegant, festive, playful, and showy. Our brands provide a wide variety of Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings for each of these moods and more. At Penelope, we listen carefully to what our customers are looking for and do our best to provide their hearts’ desire with quality and fairly-priced items.

Whether you’re looking for dangle earrings for wedding, prom, or cheap dangles for theme-specific event, we have every style imaginable!  Drop hoop, chandelier, charm hoop, very long, simple as well as elaborately designed sterling silver earrings.


Special Occasion Dangle Earrings

These drooping oval shapes will draw attention to the length of your neck and sit beautifully against all colors of hair if you’re hair is cascading down. The hammering technique creates a wonderful effect when catching the light at various angles.

The twist in these earrings reminds us of glistening icicles on a bright snowy morning. They way they twirl as you go about your day is captivating to onlookers. The extra long length of the style makes them a statement accessory to any outfit.

The teardrops wrapped in teardrops is a great option for everyday elegance. This option in sterling silver is particularly adept for adding a touch of glamour for luncheons and meetings without overly distracting.

As a local neighborhood store, we can’t help but find beauty in the ordinary here in the south. These sterling silver small diamond scroll dangle earrings are inspired by details of ornate ironwork in gates, grilles, and balconies throughout Charleston, South Carolina from our Southern Gates collection.


Festive and Fun Dangle Earrings

Finding sand-dollars on the beach is a special memory that can be kept alive every day with these earrings. Real-to-life designed, they evoke the feeling of combing the sands in search of this unique ocean currency.

If you’re the type who likes to tastefully get into the seasonal spirits, check out our wickedly fun jack-o-lantern drop earrings. Let their wide-smile do all the talking as you go about your Halloween festivities.  

Whether you’re a wildlife advocate or just an elephant fan, this adorable set is playful and simple. A wonderful gift for a budding nature enthusiast or even the perfect addition to a themed party.


The oak tree is iconic throughout the United States and is beautifully represented in .925 Sterling Silver with these earrings. Southern Gates® is proudly made in the USA. Show off your love of trees, history, and preservation all in one brilliant piece of jewelry.


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These are just a few we have chosen to highlight, but feel free to contact us with any specific design or style you were looking including styles with pearls and stone. We are located in stores throughout Virginia and are at the service of our customers nationwide online.