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Penelope has been a proud provider of sterling silver jewelry for women since 1988. It brings us sincere joy to be able to fulfill women’s needs when it comes to beautiful accessories. A lot has changed since 1988 which is why at Penelope, we like to keep up with the times and create new and diverse jewelry every season.

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We are known for Sterling Silver Jewelry but we also like working with other precious metals such as Rose Gold, Rhodium, and Vermeil.

Check out our latest collection of Vermeil necklaces. Vermeil is basically sterling silver jewelry with an elegant twist because it is dipped in the finest of golds to give them a shiny, extravagant finish.

Gold Vermeil Necklaces

Gold Vermeil Sideways Anchor Necklace

Embody the ocean’s beauty even from your living room. With this necklace with a sideways anchor charm, you will be able to demonstrate your deep love for the sea. Sail away into the sunset with this gold plated chain necklace. If you don’t like sailing you will still appreciate the anchor’s powerful presence on your chest for it is a symbol of stability, grounding, and security.

Gold Vermeil CZ Mother of Pearl Necklace

Have the elegance of a diamond necklace without the overstatement. This pendant necklace has an oval Mother of Pearl in the center with the shiniest of crystals surrounding it. This is a statement necklace meaning you can dress in a minimalist fashion and still emanate poise.

Pearls are known to symbolize strength, balance karma, attract wealth and luck. Wear this pendant proudly and be a magnet for abundance, good fortune, and blessings.

Sideways Cross Necklace - Vermeil

The cross necklace is a classic. We love the way Latinas and Italian women wear them which is why we wanted to create our own version of this timeless model by putting the cross on the side to give it an edge. Wear this necklace with a shirt that has a scoop neckline to show it off or over your favorite turtle neck sweater as Autumn approaches.

Horizontal Bar Necklace - Vermeil

The best part of any shopping experience (besides the happiness purchasing something brings) is personalizing your jewelry. Choose a name or initials to engrave on this 14K gold overlay over sterling silver. Imagine passing down this beautiful necklace down to your grandchildren with your name or initials on it. We see it as such a noble and charming gesture!

At Penelope We Are All Ears!

Penelope adores adorning women from all over the world with our signature sterling silver jewelry. We like to believe we are different from the rest of the supply chains due to our transparency when it comes to details so that you don’t get any surprises when you receive your accessories.

Penelope wants to hear from you! Contact us if you have any questions, comments or would like to give us some general feedback. Our customer service team will get right back to you!

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