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Alex and Ani Bracelets

At Penelope, we are dedicated to providing award-winning jewelry and invested in fulfilling your fashion needs. We also believe in the beauty of giving back which is why we have collaborated with Alex and Ani. Alex and Ani make bracelets with meaning and purpose - they give a portion of the proceeds to non-profit organizations to change lives. Check out our Alex and Ani line by clicking here.

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Dreamy Seaside Charm Bangles

  • Mermaid Charm Bangle

    There is something so incredibly enchanting about Mermaids. Although their existence has not yet been proven there have been numerous claims of sightings keeping us doubting and wondering whether these mystical creatures really do exist. Keep the essence of her magic at your sleeve with this beautiful piece of jewelry.

  • Sand Castle Charm Bangle

    Building sandcastles will always be a practice that connects us to the natural environment. Touching the sand, interacting with it and molding it to materialize our playful imagination may seem like a lost art due to technology. This charm brings us a little nostalgia; it serves as a reminder to keep in touch with our inner child and connect with nature.

  • Dolphin Charm Bangle

    Dolphins are such charming and intelligent beings, plus they love interacting with us humans which is probably why we love them so much. Their playful attitude proves life can’t be too serious and it’s important to have fun. Unfortunately, some dolphin species are facing extinction this is why when you purchase this charming bangle we will donate 20% of the purchase price towards the conservation of dolphins. Something beautiful for a good cause, can it get any better than that?

Cuffs Jewelry for Formal Events

  • 14KT Gold Plated Heart Precious Cuff

    Wear your heart at your sleeve. This precious cuff reminds us to always show our emotions in an honest and open manner. It's the one true path towards a loving and healthy relationship with yourself and others. Love is the source of all life and the force that connects us with all creatures. What a beautiful reminder to have on your wrist every day.

  • Cross Precious Cuff

    This precious cuff is delicately covered in a thin layer of gold. The cross symbolizes sacrifice, the union between heaven and Earth and holds a special spiritual power. Combining one of the most precious metals and the loving power of creation this cuff is a timeless piece.

  • White Sea Sultry Cuff with Swarovski Crystal Pearls

    This Pearl Cuff is the perfect accessory for cocktail attire - it will add a touch of elegance to any dress. This is a sterling silver cuff with Swarovski crystal pearls. Pearls are formed when an irritant enters an oyster and the oyster secretes it with nacre, symbolizing that great beauty can blossom in darkness.

Chain Bracelets with Meaning

  • Amour Adjustable Bracelet

    Our Amour bracelet is the perfect gift for your love, whether that be your daughter, girlfriend or even for yourself, self-love is after all the true foundation for healthy relationships. Amour is French for love and we can feel it all around us.

  • Arrow Pull Chain Bracelet

    Arrows represent force, movement, and direction of travel. Wear it facing to the left to ward off evil and facing right for protection. This gold plated piece is 14KT karat gold, it will serve you as a reminder that sometimes one must take a step back to move with greater force where they are meant to be.

  • Heart Pull Chain Bracelets

    Solid gold for a solid love. This delicate heart bracelet is the epitome of gold plated jewelry. Pure gold covers this charm bracelet making it the perfect heart bracelet for girlfriends and lovers.

Best Jewelry Online Best Customer Service

We incorporate different varieties of base metals such as copper or silver in our bangle bracelets and carry all types of gold in our line. We believe 14KT is just the right amount of gold but if you would like to check out our gold alloys please Contact Us for more information. We’re always happy to help!