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Clara Sun Woo Tops

Penelope loves being your ultimate go-to for jewelry and accessories. Now we’re hoping to take over your closet! We have collaborated with Clara Sunwoo to woo you with this new collection of the comfiest of tops.

Clara Sun Woo is a mother-daughter clothing brand that arose from the desire to have better-fitted women’s clothing. They are famous for their soft stretch knit fabric that won’t wrinkle. Having style does not mean you have to be uncomfortable. Our Clara Sun Woo tops are proof of that.

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Everyday Fashion Tops and Tunics by Clara Sun Woo

Solid V-Cross - Bar Cutout Angle Hem Tunic

This round scoop-neck tunic has an angled hem that gives it an edge. It is neither a short-sleeved tunic, nor quite a long-sleeved tunic top, but just in the middle. This sleeve length makes it the perfect amount of coverage for a cool summer night or for going out to the movies. It’s violet in color which exuberates wealth, extravagance, creativity and wisdom.

Choker Tunic - Black

The great thing about tunics? One word: Leggings. Tunics give you the perfect amount of coverage so you can wear leggings and still pull off a stylish yet relaxed look. Who says comfort and fashion don’t go hand in hand? This tunic comes with its own choker so you don’t have to accessorize, although we must say, a pair of Penelope Hoop Earrings would be a great addition to this outfit.

Cheetah Print Faux Pull Tie Tunic

Cheetah is back! Be ahead of the pack and get this Pull Tie Tunic before your friends do. Wear this over your favorite swimsuit to go to the beach. Snap some shots with this tunic under some palm trees for a jungle feel. The seasons will change and this tunic will adapt effortlessly just throw some black leggings on and you’re good to go.

Dotted Animal Print V-Cross Bar Cut-Out Top - Beige

OK- we’ll admit it; we’ve caught jungle fever. This top gives us wild disco vibes. Wear it to go out dancing with the Whitney Tassel Pouch in pink to add a pop of color to your outfit or with any neon accessory you might have in your closet - either way you’ll drop jaws from a mile away.

Long Sleeve Pocket Cardigan - Black

This one is a must in every woman’s closet. You can never go wrong with a black cardigan. It goes with everything and its lightweight material is ideal for layering. It's a super soft knit made with wrinkle-free fabric with two pockets to dip your hands in if you get a little chilly.

Mid-Length Tank - Red

This tank is perfect for traveling. Its soft wrinkle-free fabric will allow you to throw it into your backpack for a weekend getaway. Wear immediately when you pull it out of your bag without having to iron it. It’s a beautiful and powerful red color so be ready to channel that energy. Pairs well with our cardigans or as an underlayer.

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Penelope is family-owned and family-operated. We love supporting other family-owned brands like Clara SunWoo and brands that are as connected as families are. If you are interested in collaborating with us and joining our family, please don’t hesitate to contact us!