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Vera Bradley Lunch Bags

We love fulfilling your jewelry and accessorizing needs. This is why we have teamed up with Vera Bradley to create these beautiful yet practical lunch bags so you can continue being the stylish personage that you are while satisfying your everyday needs.

Vera Bradley has been a leading pioneer in all kinds of bags for women since 1982. Founders Patricia Miller and Barbara Bradley felt there was an absence of feminine-looking bags so they took it upon themselves to create them for us. Browse the full collection of our handpicked Vera Bradley bags here.

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Vera Bradley Lunch Totes for Work

We all know black goes with any outfit, this lunch box will keep you looking cool while your food keeps its cool. This cooler bag comes with a carry handle so you can transport your food with style.

This tote bag has us dreaming about picnics on the lawn, fireflies dancing and an array of wine and cheese. This leak proof lunch bag is perfect for the nature lover, the wanderer, and the eclectic soul.

Stylish lunch bags for work is what we are all about. Switch the brown paper bag for the best insulated lunch bag in the market. The flowers will bring a smile to your face every morning.

Cooler Than You

This insulated lunch box comes with a front pocket so you can also store your snacks. It's big enough to fit your water bottle and your kid's lunch - perfect for a picnic! It comes in a playful pink color to brighten up your day.

This cooler will keep your food and beverages as cool as an ice pack. It has a shoulder strap to make it easy for you to take to the lake, the beach, the park or even camping! The silhouettes add a pop of color and it comes with side pocket so you can insert a name tag on the side to make it unmistakably yours.

We love this lunch bag that looks like a purse. We think preparing food for oneself is an act of self-love and we want to honor that by keeping your food just as fresh as when you made it for yourself. Look great and feel great in Daisy Paisley.

Stylish Lunch Bunch Bags

This is an insulated lunch bag for adults or for your kid's lunch! It is big enough to carry meals, snacks, and your stainless steel water bottle. You can never go wrong with the Iconic silhouettes! They are a classic Vera Bradley trademark.

This large lunch bag with compartments is perfect for a long day of work ahead! The butterfly print is a match in heaven for the hungry, creative artist.

Vera Bradley Lunch Bunch is our favorite because aside from being able to fit the essentials, they are fresh and fit! This Lavender Pearl color is so stylish and elegant you won’t need to drop it off when you get invited for drinks after work.

We Got You Sister

When hunger attacks you want to be ready. Getting take out is so passé, plus it's bad for the environment. With your Vera Bradley Insulated Lunch Bags, you’ll be sustainable and chic and you’ll always have something to eat. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or comments. We’d love to hear from you.